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Director of Equalization

Posted: 09/18/2022

POSITION TITLE: Director of Equalization
DEPARTMENT: Equalization
REPORTS TO: County Commissioners

DESCRIPTION OF WORK General Statement of Duties Performs professional supervisory functions in the operation and appraisal of real estate located within the county for purposes of taxation.

Supervision Received Works under the broad supervision of the County Commission and the SD Department of Revenue.

Examples of Duties: (Any one position may not include all of the duties listed, nor do the listed examples include all duties which may be found in positions of this grade)
• Performs statutory duties of Director of Equalization in compliance with SDCL Chapter 10 and SD Administrative Rules and SD Department of Revenue.
• Supervises the calculation and preparation of the assessment roll.
• Defends values to the Local, County, and Consolidated Board of Equalization along with the Office of Hearing Examiners during the yearly appeals process.
• Directs the collection of data concerning trends in cost, income, and market value of real estate.
• Performs complex appraisal of land, commercial and industrial buildings, single and multi-unit residential buildings, and improvements to same by inspecting and measuring to determine proper classification and quality.
• Contacts businesses and individuals to gather information pertinent to listing structures and land for tax purposes.
• Establishes, researches, and maintains files to insure proper posting of properties. Performs calculations on value of land and structures by utilizing appropriate assessment procedures and information gathered by field and office research.
• Advises taxpayers of appraisal process used in arriving at assessed value.
• Develops policies and procedures for compliance with applicable laws.
• Advises the County Commission and Equalization Board as necessary.
• Allocates projects to appropriate personnel.
• Maintains accurate records of department activities for use by the County Commission, Equalization Board, and the public. Provides information and assistance to the public on Equalization functions.
• Responsible to ensure that Equalization information is maintained and updated in the County’s Geographic Information System (GIS) equipment and works with other departments and entities on the development capability of the County’s GIS.
• Develops the annual budget for the Equalization Department and administers the budget as approved by the County Commission. Provides budget and financial information and reports as required for the County Commission.
• Attends training sessions and meetings as necessary. Assists with educational programs as necessary. 
• Develops and maintains a positive, impartial professional relationship with the general public and other employees. Acts as a liaison between the County and other agencies, organizations, and the public.
• Supervises and assigns work to staff members. Reviews and evaluates performance and work of staff members. • Performs other such duties and functions as assigned and necessary to the proper performance of the position.  


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