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Market Grille Clerk

Posted: 01/30/2022

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Provides prompt, efficient and friendly customer service by exhibiting caring, concern and patience in all customer interactions and treating customers as the most important people in the store.
  2. Smiles and greets customers in a friendly manner, whether the encounter takes place in the employee’s designated department or elsewhere in the store.
  3. Makes an effort to learn customers’ names and to address them by name whenever possible.
  4. Assists customers by: (examples include)
  • escorting them to the products for which they’re looking
  • securing products that are out of reach
  • loading or unloading heavy items
  • making note of and passing along customer suggestions or requests
  • performing other tasks in every way possible to enhance the shopping experience.
  1. Answers the telephone promptly when called upon and provides friendly, helpful service to customers who call.
  2. Works with co-workers as a team to ensure customer satisfaction and a pleasant work environment.
  3. Prepares the cooking surfaces.
  4. Prepares vegetables, sides, meats, breakfast foods and all menu items.
  5. Places food in hot cases, monitors amounts, and refills as necessary.
  6.  Knowledgeable of all menu items and able to take guests’ orders
  7. Prepares items for the upcoming shifts.
  8. Ensures personal understanding of all aspects of the Market Grille.
  9. Understands and practices proper sanitation procedures and ensures the work area is always clean and neat.
  10. Maintains strict adherence to department and company guidelines related to personal hygiene and dress.
  11. Adheres to company policies and individual store guidelines.
  12. Reports to work when scheduled and on time.
Secondary Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Washes dishes as necessary.
  2. Orders product and supplies as necessary.
  3. Prices products for customers as necessary.
  4. Delivers orders as needed.
  5. Assists in other areas of store as needed.
  6. Performs other job related duties and special projects as required.

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