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Weekend Overnight Advocate

Posted: 05/01/2022

Job Title: Weekend Overnight Advocate Reports to: Weekend Lead Overnight Advocate Reviewed: 4/12/22 Position Summary: The Weekend Overnight Advocate is responsible for early morning NBN operations from Saturday through Monday. This position ensures a professional and safe environment in Pathways’ NBN emergency shelter program. Requirements: High School Diploma required or GED. Prior experience in a Human Services related field preferred but not required. Core Values: Pathways has 6 core values (listed below) that will be adhered to by all staff, board members and volunteers. 1. Integrity: We act in a way and make decisions that are, at all times, honest, truthful, transparent, authentic, consistent, and relative to Pathways’ mission and values. We will show accountability to see each task through to its fulfillment and hold others to the same expectation. We actively listen and are open to feedback and improvement. We take responsibilities for our mistakes and learn from them. We acknowledge our roles in conflicts and participate in finding and implementing solutions. 2. Respect: We value, listen to, learn from and appreciate each other, our clients, our board, our donors and our community. We treat every person with dignity. We assume the best intentions in all people, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. We give feedback directly, respectfully, and with a focus on solutions. We communicate our needs and expectations openly, and do not get angry at others’ failures to fulfill expectations we do not clearly set. We carry out conversations and actions in a way that is thoughtful and high in quality. 3. Inspiration: We choose to see the potential in every person we meet. We inspire hope and create opportunities that empower. We will strive to be passionate about breaking the cycle of homelessness in those we serve. We will be actively present while on duty for Pathways, whether at the facility, in the community, or at a meeting. We will arrive ready to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. 4. Excellence: We will demonstrate exceptional performance and service. We will implement programs that not only meet our mission, but also meet our mission beyond expectations. We will evaluate every aspect of pathways, including our board, employees, clients, and specific programs. 5. Community: We are community leaders and advocates for individuals and families experiencing homelessness, and those at risk of homelessness. We will engage in various aspects of the Yankton community and surrounding areas. We will seek out partnerships that will be mutually beneficial. We will encourage collaboration between Pathways and other agencies, businesses or organizations and strive to eliminate the duplication of resources. 6. Responsible Stewardship: We will receive and accept all gifts or donations with enthusiasm and express sincere thanks using appropriate methods. We will demonstrate responsible use of the gifts and donations and provide proof of responsible use. We will provide recognition for donors in a respectful and appropriate manner. Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned as needed. Operations 1. Understand and maintain strict confidentiality for every Pathways client. 2. Oversees the needs of individuals receiving shelter in the NBN. 3. Be knowledgeable of community agencies and services, provide advocacy towards these resources on behalf of Pathways clients. 4. Uphold Pathways’ policies and procedures, strictly enforcing Pathways’ rules. 5. Recognize & deal with crisis situations, but knowing own limitations, knowing when to alert authorities or ask for help. 6. Maintains a positive team approach to services by ensuring that all concerns or potential conflicts are addressed immediately with the best interest of the client, solidarity of the staff and the mission of Pathways being a focus over self. 7. Responsible for providing the morning meal to NBN clients. 8. Be available for client needs throughout each shift. 9. Perform any laundry or cleaning as needed throughout shift. 10. Perform any organization of goods throughout shift. 11. Ensure sanitation of all basement beds and cleanliness of facility after clients exit. 12. Any other duties agreed upon by supervisor and employee. Administrative Tasks 13. Nightly meeting with Weekend Lead Overnight Advocate to ensure a smooth transition to the morning hours. 14. Responsible for the morning exit process for NBN emergency shelter clients. 15. Monitor security cameras throughout shift. 16. Attend meetings and trainings as requested by supervisor. Hours: Saturday through Monday from 1am to 8am (21 hours per week). Other shifts as determined by employee and supervisor. Wage: $15/hour Benefits: No benefits are offered with this position.

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