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Ace Hardware Steps Up To Sponsor New Thrive Bucks Gift Card Program

Yankton Thrive has introduced a new high tech Gift Card program thanks to financial sponsorship from Kopetsky’s Ace Hardware and Ace Bike & Fitness. The Yankton Thrive Bucks Gift Card can be used in multiple businesses in Yankton, including retail stores, restaurants, bars and services.

The new Yankton Thrive Bucks Gift Card replaces the old Chamber Bucks paper gift certificate. Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce and Yankton Area Progressive Growth merged in July 2021 to create Yankton Thrive. In 2020, Yankton Chamber offered the Stronger Together Gift Card program, selling $20 gift checks to help businesses during the pandemic.

Becky Wiswall, Business Services Director at Yankton Thrive, said the new Gift Card is the next step from the old paper gift certificate system:

“Our new Gift Card program is the route to easy gift giving. When someone receives a Yankton Thrive Bucks Gift Card then can scan the QR code on the front of the Card and see all of the fantastic Yankton Thrive member businesses where they can redeem the Card.”

Becky adds: “The Yankton Thrive Bucks Gift Card is the next step from Chamber Bucks, switching from a paper check to an electronic Gift Card that is secure, and businesses can receive as easily as a credit or debit card.”

As the main sponsor of the Yankton Thrive Bucks Gift Card, the logo of Kopetsky’s Ace Hardware will feature on the card. Ken Kopetsky said:

“We are very excited for the change from paper checks to a Gift Card system as it makes the program much easier for our customers and our employees. In this day and age, checks are very uncommon in our retail environment and the new Yankton Thrive Bucks Gift Card will create a lot of efficiency at our checkout. There will no longer be confusion on how to accept the checks when we have a new staff member running the register.”

Ken continues: “I wanted to be the first sponsor of the Yankton Thrive Bucks Gift Card as I love the fact that this program will be free for Yankton Thrive member businesses to be part of. As a past Chamber board member and a current Thrive board member I feel strongly that we help those that support what we do and the Yankton Thrive Bucks Gift Card will be yet another benefit of being a Yankton Thrive member. We’re pleased to get the Yankton Thrive Bucks Gift Card going.”

One of the businesses which accepts the new Yankton Thrive Bucks Gift Card is Ben’s Brew Station. Founder of Ben’s Brewing Co. Ben Hanten said:

“I think the name change from Chamber Bucks to Yankton Thrive Bucks is great because it puts the goal front and center - we all want Yankton to thrive! Spending locally means more money for Yankton payrolls and Yankton mortgage payments. It means we can support our neighbors and friends as they grow their businesses.”

Mandi Gause is the co-owner of Boston Shoes to Boots and said: “Gift Cards are the logical replacement for Chamber Bucks as they don't expire. Gift Cards are also easier and quicker to process for merchants, plus the remaining balance stays on the Card. Many retailers don't take checks anymore, so with this transition, I think more locals will be eager to purchase the Yankton Thrive Bucks Gift Card versus the Chamber Bucks because people are more familiar with the ease of using a Gift Card versus a check these days.” 

The Yankton Thrive Bucks Gift Card is available to buy from $5-$500 at the Yankton Thrive office, or online at, with delivery direct to the recipient.
For questions or bulk orders, please contact Card is issued by MetaBank®, N.A., Member FDIC. Funds do not expire. Non-reloadable and no cash access. For Cardholder Agreement or Customer Service: or 1.833.558.1088.

Press information

For media inquiries, please contact: Becky Wiswall, Business Services Director, Yankton Thrive

803 East 4th St, Yankton SD 57078

O: 605-665-3636 x 104 | C: 605-376-7442

Created on July 1, 2021 through a merger between the Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce and Yankton Area Progressive Growth, Yankton Thrive unites over 500 businesses, individuals and professional firms, thus creating a unique, central agency committed to boosting business and building a better community.

Membership is made up of small and large businesses interested in prospering and creating a healthy environment in which to conduct business. Yankton Thrive is for people just like you; people who realize that through this organization, they can accomplish collectively what can't be done individually. The strength of Yankton Thrive lies in its members creating a pool of resources for ideas, energy and finances.

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